The Owens Group International becomes Reunitus (Press Release)
  • By Mike Singletary
  • February 21, 2023

Industry Leader ‘The Owens Group International’ Brings Portfolio of Companies Under ‘Reunitus™’ Umbrella

Lost Item Resolution Company Rebrands Ahead of Next 50 Years of Growth

Today, The Owens Group International is excited to announce it has brought together its portfolio of companies under one umbrella brand: Reunitus™. The culmination of more than 50 years of innovation, the organization’s new corporate identity concisely communicates the synergy which exists across the industry’s only truly comprehensive end-to-end solution for lost item tracing, management and resolution.

“Reunitus is a Latin word that means ‘to unite again,’ which is at the core of our DNA as a company,” said Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Owens. “It’s a word that bears strength and redemption. Our mission at Reunitus is to make every loss a win, for your company, for your employees and for your customers. We do that through best of class software, the industry’s only lost and found managed service and unparalleled monetization services.”

What began in 1970 as a unique salvage solution for national bus lines, is now one of the most trusted comprehensive lost item resolution companies in the world. Reunitus works with the world’s leading airlines, airports, casinos, resorts, theme parks, and more to help them optimize their lost item tracing, management, and resolution. Ultimately, the company turns what was once a costly challenge into a positive customer experience and profitable operation.

Combining industry-leading technology and seasoned managed services expertise, Reunitus provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions that reunite lost items with unsurpassed speed and ease.

The Reunitus portfolio includes:


Reunitus Managed Services

Reclaimed for Good Foundation®

Unclaimed Baggage®

“For more than five decades, we’ve built and optimized new solutions to ensure lost items get where they belong,” added Owens. “And in the rare cases we can’t, we find ways to give those items a new life.”

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About Reunitus

Working with the world’s leading travel, transportation and entertainment businesses, Reunitus™ combines industry-leading technology and managed services built over decades of innovation to reunite lost items with their owners, with unsurpassed speed and ease. The only end-to-end solution in the industry, Reunitus strives to make every loss a win for companies, their customers and their employees, through best of class software, managed services, and unparalleled lost item monetization. The Reunitus portfolio includes NetTracer®, Reunitus Managed Services, Reclaimed for Good Foundation® and Unclaimed Baggage®. For more information, visit

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