We are the industry’s largest and preferred provider of end-to-end services.
The industry’s only vertically integrated solution is able to handle all of your Mishandled Baggage issues.
Core Services
Virtual Baggage Service Office

Outsource your Mishandled Baggage communications to our caring and responsive agents.

Baggage Warehousing

Transfer your baggage reunification process to our expert team and integrated facilities.

Claims  Management

Rely on us to handle your Claims Management process – from the moment a customer submits a claim, until it is settled.

Why Customers Choose Our Services

Immediate Matching: We identify potential matches for all mishandled bags with unmatched speed.


Pricing Predictability: Our pricing model prevents your own operational challenges from driving up costs.


Tailored Solutions: We adapt our system to meet your needs, including workflow configurations, complex system integrations, and real-time data feed.

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