The world’s most advanced baggage resolution platform.
Unmatched resolution of mishandled bag issues.
NetTracer Modules
Baggage Resolution

Effectively resolve all of your mishandled baggage issues.


Enable passenger self-service and activate best-in-class workflows.


Automatically update your customers at every step of the process.

Fraud Detection

Alert your employees of fraudulent baggage claim patterns.

Claims Management

Automate and optimize your baggage claims process.

Lost & Found

Automate and optimize your lost and found management process.

Why Customers Choose NetTracer®

Tailored end-to-end solution that produces optimal results.

Highly intuitive, mobile-friendly interface that provides real-time data feeds and omni-device employee access.

Seamless integration with complex systems that results in single user interface and higher employee productivity.

Continuous innovation that comes from a deep and responsive partner relationship.

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