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Making Every Loss a Win®

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Who We Are

At our core, we are problem solvers and trusted partners.

For more than 50 years, we have built and optimized solutions to ensure lost items get where they belong. And in the rare cases they cannot, we are unsurpassed in giving those items a new life.

We work with the world’s leading airlines, airports, casinos, resorts, theme parks, and more to help them streamline their lost item tracing, management, and resolution.

Ultimately, we turn what was once a costly challenge into a positive customer experience and profitable operation.

Our History
1970 – A Business Begins – Unclaimed Baggage®

Born and raised in northeast Alabama, third-generation entrepreneur Doyle Owens was struck with an idea. Using a borrowed pickup truck and a $300 loan, he headed up to Washington D.C. and bought his first load of unclaimed baggage from Trailways Bus Line. He then sold the contents on card tables in a rented house – the venture was an instant success, and Unclaimed Baggage® was born!

1978 – Partnering with Airlines

Doyle’s entrepreneurial spirit took flight as he landed his first airline contract with Eastern Airlines. Gradually, Unclaimed Baggage® formed relationships with all other domestic airlines, solidifying its position as the country’s only lost luggage store.

1989 – Next Generation of Entrepreneurship

Doyle’s eldest son, Bryan, following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, moved to Dallas, TX and developed the baggage tracing and resolution system, BagNet.

BagNet’s revolutionary on-screen pull-down menus helped simplify the process of baggage tracing and management. BagNet was the first PC based real time enterprise software in the industry.

1995 – New Ownership & New Beginnings

BagNet grew in functionality and was sold to an industry partner. However, Bryan continued to believe there was an industry-wide need for a contemporary baggage tracing solution.

During the same year, Bryan and his wife, Sharon, took over Unclaimed Baggage and began an expansion of the Unclaimed Baggage® store to cover more than a city block. The business added a cafe and a Museum of Found Treasures, making it a true shopping and tourist destination.

As the popularity of the store increased, so did the curiosity of media outlets. Oprah featured Unclaimed Baggage® as one of America’s “best-kept shopping secrets.” Since then, the store has been featured in publications such as Vogue, HuffPost, Buzzfeed, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Good Morning America, and, most recently, National Geographic.

Over a million guests visit annually from all over the globe marking Unclaimed Baggage® a top tourist attraction.

2006 – BagNet to NetTracer®

After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, Bryan founded NetTracer®.

With his vision of developing the Next Generation baggage tracing and resolution system, Bryan utilized his organization’s in-depth understanding and expertise to develop a best-in-class baggage tracing and resolution system.

NetTracer®, the first web-based tracing and resolution system, quickly gained broad market adoption in North America and became the industry standard solution.

2011 – New Strides in the Lost and Found Industry

NetTracer® expanded upon its lost & found capabilities to develop NetTracer® Lost & Found, a stand-alone solution for items lost on airlines, rental cars, trains, in airports and other locations.

Owens and team leveraged the NetTracer® Lost & Found platform to create Lost and Found Central®, a managed service for the air transport industry.

2014 – BagCentral® is Launched

BagCentral®, powered by NetTracer®, launched as a baggage managed service for the airline industry, performing outsourced tasks such as baggage resolution and claims processing.

2020 – Unclaimed Baggage® celebrates 50 Years and launches E-commerce platform

Unclaimed Baggage® celebrated half a century of giving new life to lost items. To commemorate such a milestone, the company created a replica of the 1965 Chevy pickup truck Mr. Owens drove to retrieve his first load of unclaimed bags and visited 50 States with it.

In the same year, Unclaimed Baggage® started offering online shoppers the opportunity to shop found treasures at  unclaimedbaggage.com. Since its launch, the online store has seen more than 7.5 million visitors and continues to expand.

In response to the pandemic, virtual services were created to support airline partners – vBSO® and vBagAgent.

2023 – The Launch of Reunitus®

What started as a unique salvage solution for national bus lines, is now one of the most innovative baggage and lost item resolution companies in the world.

Reunitus® brings together the only end-to-end solution in the industry, achieving its mission to make every loss a win for companies, their customers and their employees. Reunitus® does this through best of class software, the only lost and found managed service, and unparalleled lost item monetization services.

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