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Bryan Owens


Bryan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reunitus™, the industry leader in baggage and lost item resolution.

Reunitus encompasses a portfolio of software and service companies that includes NetTracer®, Reunitus Managed Services, and Unclaimed Baggage®.

Bryan is a fourth-generation entrepreneur. He has pioneered the art and science of making every loss a win – reuniting items with their rightful owners and maximizing the value of leftover items.

Bryan exemplifies and oversees a culture of genuine care, excellence, entrepreneurship and service to the community.

Originally from Alabama, Bryan graduated from Samford University. Bryan is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School Owner-President Management Program.

Bryan is a strong advocate of faith, family and free enterprise. Bryan has been happily married for more than three decades and is the proud father of three sons.

Daris McCullough


Daris is the President of Reunitus™ Airlines and Managed Services. Reunitus provides the software and services leading airlines use to resolve all aspects of mishandled baggage and lost items.

Reunitus’ software, NetTracer®, is the world’s most advanced baggage resolution platform. NetTracer powers the operations of the travel industry leaders and is the engine for Reunitus outsourcing services.

Daris has 30+ years of demonstrated strategic leadership and collaborative customer partnerships. He brings a unique combination of strategic and operational excellence from Fortune 500 corporations and high growth technology companies.

Daris graduated from the University of Kentucky and Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management).

Daris, and his wife are blessed with two teenage boys and enjoy traveling and being active in their church and community.

Ricardo Lopez


Ricardo leads growth and transformation efforts across the business, with direct responsibility for New Business Development, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Corporate Strategy, and transformational projects.

Ricardo has 25+ years of experience in delivering superior performance through new business expansion in the hotel and airline industries. A seasoned leader, Ricardo has served in executive positions with IHG Hotels and Resorts and Taca/Avianca Airlines. Ricardo brings a passion for growth, excellence in execution, and leading with purpose.

Ricardo is a graduate of Harvard Business School with a Masters in Business Administration, and from E.S.E.N. with a B.A. in Finance and Economics.

Ricardo is a native of El Salvador and has lived in Atlanta for more than 18 years. Ricardo and his family enjoy serving in their local church, traveling, and school sports.

Byron Smith


Byron leads Reunitus’™ technology strategy and development and heads the NetTracer® baggage resolution platform.

Over the last 16 years, Byron has had a major role in building Reunitus solutions.  Byron is now overseeing the expansion of the NetTracer family of solutions, from powering Mishandled Baggage resolution to powering Lost Item resolution.

Byron is deeply involved with customers and is known for achieving a masterful balance of stability with best-practice uptime while also being highly responsive to emerging needs and customer-driven innovation. Byron’s passion is to deliver exceptional value for customers.

Originally from Texas, Byron graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Byron has been married for more than 15 years and has four children. In their spare time the family loves to RV, help in their church and community, and seek out new adventures, especially if donuts are involved.

Paul Okimoto


Paul is the President of Unclaimed Baggage®, the nation’s only retailer of lost luggage.

Since its debut on the Oprah show in 1995, Unclaimed Baggage has become an international media sensation.  Under Paul’s leadership, Unclaimed Baggage is expanding beyond its retail destination store into an omni-channel platform that offers a great experience to its faithful following of guests.

Paul is a 25+ year senior management executive with a record of success in retail, technology, mobile, advertising, and consumer-packaged goods.

Paul grew up in California and is a graduate of The University of California, Berkeley.

Paul and his family enjoy their local church community, serving, the arts, the outdoors, and family. They are currently training to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro – wish them luck!

Sharon Owens


Sharon oversees all major aspects of all Reunitus™ brands, from brand identity to guest experience design.

Sharon has been deeply involved with Reunitus for more than 30 years and serves on the Board of Directors.

Sharon is trained in brand management and marketing and served in leadership positions at PepsiCo. Sharon is passionate about telling the story of Unclaimed Baggage® and Reunitus and doing good well through its Reclaimed for Good® Foundation.

Sharon is a graduate from North Carolina Chapel Hill with a Masters of Business Administration, and from Wheaton College with a B.A. in Communications.

Sharon and her husband, Bryan, enjoy hiking and exploring new places together. They have three sons and involve them regularly in family business activities.

Caleb Manning


Caleb has been with Reunitus™ since 2004 and has served as CFO for the company since 2010.

Caleb leads the finance and accounting functions of the Reunitus family of companies.  Caleb’s long tenure and deep experience makes him a strong Reunitus pillar.

Originally from the small town of Skyline, Alabama, Caleb attended Athens State College in Athens, AL, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1999. Caleb continues to be a lifelong learner.

Caleb and his wife of 23 years have three daughters, a son-in-law, and 2 beloved dogs. They are both active in their local school system and in their local church.

Mindi Cooke


Mindi leads Reunitus™ Business Development across all hospitality, entertainment, and transportation industries. Mindi is known for being a great partner and is spear-heading Reunitus’ fast growth in verticals that experience a high volume of Lost and Found items.

Mindi has held senior roles with Randa Accessories, Global Brands Group, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and Tommy Hilfiger. Mindi’s extensive experience growing businesses and nurturing partnerships makes her a great asset for customers and Reunitus alike.

Mindi grew up in Illinois and is a graduate of Kent State University.

Mindi lives in Hoboken, NJ with her husband and 3 children and a family goal is to visit the national parks in each state. The family especially enjoyed visiting Denali (Alaska), Volcano (Hawaii), Rocky Mountain (CO), and Arches (UT)!

Jennifer Kritner


Jennifer joined Unclaimed Baggage® in 1997.

Jennifer oversees the company’s People and Culture functions.  Jennifer also acts as the organization’s retail lead.

Reunitus™ has a vibrant culture, grounded in solid values, and sustained by a high level of employee retention.

Jennifer also directs Unclaimed Baggage’s charitable foundation, Reclaimed for Good®.  She is passionate about the organization’s purpose “to redeem the lost, unclaimed and rejected for the glory of God”.

Jennifer lives in Scottsboro, Alabama with her husband and their four beautiful children.  Jennifer’s family is passionate and actively involved in foster care and adoption.

Bill Maloney


Bill develops and sustains commercial relationships with Reunitus™ partners in the Airline industry.

With more than 20 years of experience, Bill has served in leadership positions with Feezing, Vision Airlines, TravelClick, and Travelport.

Bill has contributed to industry trade journals as well as served on advisory boards and panels.

Bill graduated from Boston College and received his MBA from the University of Georgia.

Bill and his wife have three children. Their family enjoys volunteering with Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School and Catholic Metro Sports of Atlanta.


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