Reunitus Lost to Found

Industry-leading automation platform to streamline and optimize lost and found management.

Platform Features
Lost Item Reporting

Allow customers to report lost items in just a few steps via an easy-to-use portal.

Chain of Custody

Provide your employees with a single location for entering found items and track chain of custody from beginning to end.

Lost Item Tracing

Leverage sophisticated and proprietary analytics to locate and facilitate item returns.

Unclaimed Items Monetization

With our Monetization Service, create an effortless path for your unclaimed items to be responsibly sold, donated, or recycled.

Data Security

Give your company peace of mind that all data is encrypted and securely stored – PCI/GDPR compliant.

Lost Item Shipping

Give your customers the ability to pay for the return of their items and pick their preferred shipping method.

Intuitive and seamless guest experience

Enhance your guests’ experience by allowing customers to easily report lost items through your website. They can specify precisely what was lost using a user-friendly interface.

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lost and found software app

Effective agent dashboard


lost and found software

is designed to dramatically reduce your company’s administrative workload, significantly enhance service, increase the return percentage, and elevate your guest satisfaction.

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lost and found software

The best matching capabilities

Streamlining lost and found administration for businesses, our system empowers your guests with 24/7 access to the online platform for reporting lost items. Moreover, our software seamlessly matches found items with corresponding lost item reports, making it the best lost and found software, for this and many other reasons.

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The best matching capabilities
Why Customers Choose Our Software 

Our mobile-responsive solution empowers employees with effective issue resolution and communication.


Experience a highly intuitive workflow customized to fit your unique processes and needs.


Our Integrated Monetization Solution maximizes the value of unclaimed items and generates additional revenue.


Benefit from robust tracing and immediate matching capabilities for swift reconciliation of lost items.

Lost To Found as a Service

Leading businesses in aviation, hotels, amusement parks, and other industries are utilizing our lost and found software service to gain a competitive edge. Don’t lag behind! Be a leader in innovation within your sector and enhance productivity .
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