is the choice of airline leaders for mishandled bag resolution.

Reunitus Lost to Found

We manage more lost items than anyone in the industry

Premier software solution to automate and optimize your lost and found management process.

Create friction-free pathways to get lost items out of your facility and back into the hands of their owners-fast.
How We Make Every Loss a Win (Video)

Boosted productivity and reduced staffing levels.

Customer Experience

Exceeded customer expectations and brand loyalty throught reunification.

Incremental Revenue

Improved profits through lower costs and new revenue streams.

High Touch Relationship

Continuous innovation through a close working relationship.

Lost Item Reporting

Allow customers to report lost items in just a few steps via an easy-to-use portal.

Chain of Custody

Provide your employees with a single location for entering found items and track chain of custody from beginning to end.

Lost Item Tracing

Leverage sophisticated and proprietary analytics to locate and facilitate item returns.

Unclaimed Items Monetization

With our Monetization Service, create an effortless path for your unclaimed items to be responsibly sold, donated, or recycled.


Give your company peace of mind that all data is encrypted and securely stored – PCI/GDPR compliant.

Lost Item

Give your customers the ability to pay for the return of their items and pick their preferred shipping method.


What is Reunitus Lost to Found Software?

Reunitus provides an automation platform designed to streamline lost and found management. It includes features for lost item reporting, chain of custody tracking, analytics for item tracing, monetization of unclaimed items, secure data storage, and integrated shipping functions.

How can I get started with Reunitus?

Please schedule a conversation with our Key Account team HERE and they will guide you through the new account creation process.

How can Reunitus help maximize the value of unclaimed items?

Reunitus can help you maximize the value of unclaimed items by providing tools for tracking and managing these items, as well as features for monetizing them. This can help you recover some of the costs associated with lost and found management.

What training and support does Reunitus offer?

Reunitus offers training and support to help you make the most of the software platform. This includes documentation, onboarding, and live support options.

What industries does Reunitus cater to?

Reunitus caters to a variety of industries, including hospitality, transportation, education, retail, events and venues.